Files Location

We recommend that a new folder be created in order to keep the customized files instead of having them with the original files. This will enable you to:
a) Get back to the original interface configuration at any time.
b) Make sure that your files will be safe after a version upgrade.
You can also choose to place the files inside or outside the webroot structure. Keep reading to see how each option will behave:
Storing the Customized Files in the Webroot Directory:
In this case:
1) The files will be externally accessible from a URL similar to:
2) The file paths, indicated in the "WebAliases.ini", can be relative to the webroot directory. (e.g. "/img/Thinfinity_Virtual_UI_150.png.png=BrandingFiles\MyLogo.png").
You will find other relative path examples on the topics Changing the logo and Customizing the web files.
Storing the Customized Files Outside the Webroot Directory:
In that case:
1) The files will be protected, because it won't be possible to access the customized files from a URL.
2) The file paths, indicated in the "WebAliases.ini", must be absolute, as in the example below: