Property Reference

Properties can be divided in two groups: matching properties and applying properties.

Matching properties are those used to test the browser and device properties (such as the browser user agent, the device pixel ratio, the display orientation width and height, etc.) in order to choose the best model for each case.

Applying properties are those used to determine the final size and resolution.

Use the parent-model property to set the parent model:

The following properties deal with the display resolution:

The following properties deal with the screen size of the remote desktop, in pixels. You can determine it by setting the actual height and width, or by establishing maximum and minimum values for these properties.

The following properties allow you to specify device screen areas that will never be used for displaying the remote connection, such as when a browser or device bar cannot be hidden and uses up screen space. These margins will be excluded for screen size calculations.

Miscellaneous properties:

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