List of available demos for download

Below you'll find a list for all the available demos for Thinfinity VirtualUI :

· Microsoft Access

· Windows Presentation Foundation

· Visual Fox Pro

· Visual Fox Pro 9

· Visual Basic 6 :

    .[Basic Demo](

    [.Upload Demo](

· Visual Basic .Net

· Delphi Demos :

   .[VCLFileTest Demo]( 

   .[OnUploadEnd Event Demo]( 

   .[ShellExecute Demo](

   .[LibConfig Create Profile Demo](

· Lazarus

· C++ Demos:

   .[C++ Builder Demo]( 

   [.Google Maps Demo ](

· C#:

   .[Basic Demo](

   [.LibConfig Create Profile Demo ](

   [.External Auth Provider Demo ](

· Microsoft Foundation Class Library

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