The Development Lab

Thinfinity VirtualUI includes an html test environment called Development Lab. You can test your customized application and access the available programming resources through the objects.

The Development Lab will load when you execute an application in Dev mode from your development environment by calling the URL where Thinfinity VirtualUI is running (i.e.

The environment consists of five panels:

· The Address bar. Load here the web page address that you want to open. If you call the root address ("/"), app.html will load; if you enter an application's virtual path, it will load the address that was specified as Home Page for this application in the Thinfinity VirtualUI Server Manager, and if the Home Page wasn't defined it will load app.html.

· The Model Inspector. The Model Inspector's function is to show the available properties, methods and events for each data model. In its upper part there's a combobox that shows the published models; by selecting an item you will see its attributes. From this panel, you can change the properties value, provided that they are not read-only.

· The Log pane. The log pane shows a log of the interaction between the jsRO object and the application. The newer entrances will show on top.

· The Console pane. In the console pane, you can assign a new value to a property or call a method.

· The Browser pane. This is the most important panel. The selected application will load there and it will show just like it would in the browser independently.

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